iClimateCredits FAQ

  • Q: Do you have ideas on how to best administer [climate credits] at the county level?  It would be best if it was run through an existing taxing or fee source such as vehicle registration fee or vehicle weight tax.  How is the system tracked or delivered elsewhere so each driver is credited?  Is there a card issued to each driver?

    • First, “Drivers” are not “credited”, but rather all residents are credited, especially those, who choose not to drive, or to drive less (no matter how they do it). That is the first point. Those who figure out how to drive a little less, (or not drive at all), get rewarded. Obviously, an electric car or electric bike would be another way to get credited for good behavior. Because all residents get credited equally, those who buy less gas come out ahead.To further explain this, here are 3 examples.
    • Next, some think of this as a “gas tax”.  Unfortunately the word tax has too often become known as the government taking our money for their needs.  So I think it’s better to use “Fee” or “Deposit” rather than “Tax”.
    • The second half of iClimateCredits comes in the form of widespread public education on the issue:
      1. iClimateCredits checks sent out to all residents widely helps educate that: Kauai recognizes and takes a stand on global warming as an important civic issue that everyone is a part of, and that it’s in the best interest of everyone to take little actions to avert it.
      2. It educates that everyone in Kauai is both at risk from it’s effects, as well as now included in one of the solutions.
      3. All three people in the example above will become measurably more aware of their personal involvement in either creating or helping to stop climate change.
      4. And most importantly it gives hope: to empower those who are now doing nothing, to beginning to take little steps forward to move away from fossil fuels.  Because only if everyone takes little steps forward will we avert this global disaster.
    • Finally, don’t miss this article: How to Impliment iClimateCredits

  • Q: If there is a nuts and bolts model that I can look at please share it?

    • Carbon reduction incentives are fairly new.  In other words, there aren’t any nuts and bolts models available that will work right out of the box.  Rather we will be leading this challenge as much as following in other’s gallant footsteps.  And we’ll be inventing to a measure, and hoping others will follow in our footsteps.
    • But I think Kauai is a good place to lead this issue, as there are many people here who deeply love the land and want to protect it.
    • Perhaps the most successful carbon reduction incentive program that we can learn from is British Columbia’s carbon tax and accompanying tax shift.  But it was done at the Canadian state level, and I don’t think Hawaii as a state is ready for this yet.  But I think Kauai might be ready to lead the other islands.


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